Nicholas Schembri - Oakleigh Junior Top Guns 2 Night Event.

Season Opener - Oakleigh Junior Top Guns 2 Night Event.

As Nicholas got his tonsil's out and we were very much enjoying a break near the beach, we were very lazy and did not test.

Nicholas went to track on Wednesday, it was 41.8deg in Melbourne and Nicholas was about to pass out after 5 laps.

Friday morning of competition we had several sessions of practice and before that Nick could only do 42sec a lap and the front runners doing 41.4, was not looking good.

Nicholas turned the go kart upside down over the 2 days to get the thing to work on new very gripping Bridgestone tyres and Nicholas needed to change driving style.

Qualified 3rd
Heat 1 Finished 3rd
Heat 2 Finished 6th
Final DNF - crashed challenging for 3rd with 2 laps remaining.

Qualified 2nd
Heat 1 Finished 2nd
Heat 2 Finished 2nd (Broke Lap Record 41.15sec)
Finished 2nd

Overall Competition Finished 3rd

Great First Outing in Kart

Off To Dubbo for testing 26th-29th January.

First Round of Nationals 5-7 Feb 2016 at Dubbo.