℗ PRESTON HIRE RACING Attend Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway

January 3rd 2016 Grahame and Corey Fraser attended the Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway ¼ Scale Raceway, both competing with their Sprintcars.
Practise in the 2nd January proved a little difficult with getting used to a new track that they hadn’t raced on before.
Grahame had electrical issues and it was not looking promising for racing on Sunday, luckily after going out in warm up on Sunday morning and noticing there was still a problem a quick transmitter antenna change fixed all the underlying issues.
Corey unfortunately had a crash in practise and bent a few steering components and a rear axle.

Results as follows.

Heat 1 – 10 laps
Grahame finished in 1st position showing the spectators we meant business straight off the bat.
Corey was unable to start this heat due to damage sustained in practise.

Heat 2 – 10 laps
Grahame finished in 1st place and Corey came home 2nd in his heat.

Heat 3 – 10 laps
Grahame Finished in 1st place and Corey finished his heat in 3rd position.

Heat 4 – 10 laps
Grahame Finished in 1st place again showing the Preston Hire Racing team had travelled some 1200 kilometres and really meant business.
Corey did not start in this heat due to fuel issues.

Final round 20 laps
Grahame started the race out of position 1 and Corey started out of Position 3.
The race had quite a few stoppages at the start, Corey got into 2nd position and it was looking like a Preston Hire Racing one two finish for a while until Corey’s car was retired due to fuel issues.
Grahame drove a good race lapping slower cars and led for the first 19 laps. A spin on the last lap saw him try to regain momentum but was unable to get the lead back and finished 2nd.

“This was our first trip away Debuting our Preston Hire Racing paint schemes and sponsorship. We have shown that this year we mean business and will endeavour to put the Preston Hire name on the podium.
Looking forward to possibly travel to Avalon Victoria February 2016 To compete, then our next major event will be The Australian Quarter Scale Speedway Titles which is being held over the Easter weekend at Luddenham in NSW”, said Grahame.