Preston Hire is proud of the level of flexibility we offer and the diversity of industries that our products allow us to service.  

In the past year, Preston Hire recognised the demand within the Telecommunications sector and began research & development to better service this industry and ensure our products were suitable for their needs.

Now working closely with a number of telco contractors, we have been busy installing new poles and performing maintenance on existing structures. The range of models within our SuperCrane and SuperElevate product portfolios gives us the capability to service installations up to 64m.  Combined with our national footprint and our friendly and highly skilled team, the Preston Hire offering is  appealing to many industries beyond construction and civil works and we are delighted to welcome a number of new customers to our business.

Preston Hire Mobile Crane Hire crane hire is increasingly needed at more than one site. Many of our telco clients require a crane at multiple sites within a short period of time.
The Preston Hire mobile crane is the perfect solution.  

Our mobile cranes have the ability to drive to any location provided we have suitable access. If you’re looking for a crane that offers impressive manoeuvrability for navigating tight turns in inner city streets, then our mobile crane could be the perfect option for you.
 • Perfect for smaller telecommunications poles using a luffing fly jib to get under head frames
 • Perfect for works in the city where space is at a premium
 • Variable outrigger base allowing legal operations with outriggers at any length
 • Carries all dunnage and rigging – no support vehicle required
With branches in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide with alliance partners in Darwin, Preston Hire will gladly work with you on any build or project that requires the services of a Mobile Crane hire.
 For mobile crane hire at highly competitive prices, contact us on 1800 440 550.