Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP’s) continue to be a popular piece of hire equipment due to the easy and safe access they provide to operators working at heights.

MEWPs are used nationally on many sites as the preferred method of access. With increased use comes a greater need for safety precautions and appropriate training on equipment use and identification of possible hazards.

Without using extreme caution and having equipment with safety mechanisms, operators can be placed in danger. Reports of operators becoming trapped between the MEWP and an overhead obstruction have occurred, with a number of incidents reported resulting in fatal injuries.

WWith Safety at the forefront of all that we do, Preston Hire have made a conscious decision to fit Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) endorsed Anti Entrapment Devices (AED) to our range of Tracked EWP units. The AED is intended to further reduce the risk of entrapment/crushing and / or provide an alert that an entrapment situation has occurred. Creating safe systems of work is of the utmost importance to our business and investing in equipment that will further provide our staff and our clients with safer products is a priority.

Preston Hire currently have 8 SuperElevate units with an AED fitted. We have selected an anti-entrapment device consisting of sensor bars/pads that are activated should an operator be pushed onto them. The MEWP will instantly stop moving when the sensors are activated, avoiding a possibly serious incident and keeping the operator from harm.  

In addition to the 8 units already available, all new SuperElevate equipment that Preston Hire will introduce to our fleet in the future will have AED already fitted as a standard item, ensuring operator safety is available for all of our clients and ensuring maximum operator Safety and Tier 1 compliance.

AEDs can be requested at time of hire. 
Should you have any further questions about our equipment, safety procedures or services we can offer, please contact one of our friendly staff who will gladly assist.

For more information about Anti Entrapment and our range of SuperElevate products call 1800 440 550