Case Study

How Unique SuperDeck® Installs Can Provide a Better Solution

Our innovative retractable loading platform system, the SuperDeck®, has long been the preferred choice in multi-story construction projects worldwide. SuperDecks make life on a construction site much easier for workers by carrying heavy materials and tools from floor to floor efficiently and with minimal manual handling. Our retractable loading platforms are ideally positioned vertically, one above the other, with its retractable structure allowing for materials to be rolled in and out as required. Time and again, our SuperDeck® improves safety on site, and reduces time and costs for our customers.  

Although most know that loading platforms benefit construction sites by facilitating the timely loading and unloading of materials, you may be surprised to discover the versatility of the SuperDeck®. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions for all types of construction challenges and the following case studies demonstrate that you can “Count on us” to get the job done, no matter your specialised requirements. 


A Customised Solution – Hutchies 

Hutchinson Builders, commonly known as Hutchies, is Australia’s largest privately owned construction company. They called on us once again to deliver a solution when they faced a setback on a typical slab lay out at a building site in midtown Queensland. Showcasing our expertise in helping our customers overcome any challenge on a jobsite, we devised a customised and unique solution: A one-off installation with our SuperDeck® that consisted of a false floor and propping system that would create RA support to accommodate the loads.  


A Unique Concept – Kane Constructions 

The team at Kane Constructions approached Preston Hire with a unique concept: They wanted to see if it was possible to load their forklift onto one of our SuperDecks, and have the forklift transfer materials into the building at a jobsite in Victoria. This idea was promptly taken onboard. As Preston Hire places safety and reliability at the core of our business, our first step was to ask our engineer to approve our unique design and provide drawings. Once we were given the green light, we began by replacing half of the front door and the entire side panel of a SuperDeck® with safety rails. During the installation process with the forklift loaded, the Dogman/Riggers attached their harnesses to the harness anchor point on the SuperDeck® and then removed the safety rails, enabling the materials to be lifted in. This customised loading method proved to be a huge success, demonstrating again that you can “Count on us” for all your heavy equipment hire and service needs.  


A Tight Squeeze – CYP La Trobe 

The ability of our SuperDecks to fit in tight spaces was highlighted when Preston Hire was called upon to assist with the Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project. Designed to link the northwest Sunbury rail corridor with the southeast Cranbourne/Pakenham rail corridor, the new Metro will consist of two nine-kilometre train tunnels and five new underground stations. The successful installation of our SuperDeck® demonstrates its versatility, being able to be used at both above and below ground jobsites.  


An Unorthodox Delivery 

When Australian millionaire, Adrian Portelli, decided he wanted to have his ultra rare McLaren Senna GTR loaded into his 57th level penthouse in Melbourne, Preston Hire was there to help! As it is unable to be registered, Portelli decided to display the car in his top-floor penthouse of new skyscraper Sapphire in the Gardens tower, rather than have it collect dust. A SuperDeck® was installed to load the $3 million dollar cargo into Portelli’s apartment. Preston Hire was proud to help facilitate the McLaren’s unorthodox delivery to its new home.  


Overcoming a Setback – CPB Contractors  

CPB Contractors faced a setback with laying their slab at a jobsite in Pitt Street, Sydney. They still required a SuperDeck® to be installed, however, and thanks to our relatively small loads compared to the rest of the market, we were able to accommodate this with a scaffold propping solution.  


At Preston Hire, we provide our customers with the best possible services and solutions, and these case studies demonstrate our solutions-oriented approach and ability to get the job done! You can count on us for all your heavy equipment hire and service needs. To learn more about how we can help you, call us on 1800 440 550 or visit our website: 



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