Excavator & Earthmoving Equipment Hire

Preston Hire offers a range of excavators in various sizes suitable for diverse applications. Our excavators have been selected for their safety, efficiency and performance in earthmoving operations. Combined with our friendly, expert service you can COUNT ON US to provide you with excavators that will allow you to complete jobs on time and on budget.

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Preston Hire provides specialist equipment hire services for the construction industry. We offer diverse solutions, including excavators and earthmoving equipment, for various project types and construction sectors. Our SuperCivil range includes excavators in different sizes and capacities, all selected for their safety, efficiency, and performance. Earthmoving demands high-quality equipment solutions, so our excavation equipment hire provides an efficient and affordable way to get the job done.

Earthmoving can be a challenging industry, with success largely dependent on the quality of the equipment. When you need to move bulk earth materials with control and precision, our excavators are hard to beat. We have multiple excavator and operator hire solutions, from equipment-only deals to affordable packages with excavators and trained operators. If you need excavator hire anywhere in Australia, Preston Hire is here to help.

Excavator types and specifications

The capacity of our excavators ranges from an operating weight of 1,820 kg to 5,200 kg. Along with capacity, it’s important to select a model based on access restrictions and operational requirements. While all of our excavators are easy to transport and manoeuver on the worksite, tail swing radius and boom swing specifications can differ between models. If you need easy operation in confined spaces, smaller units are generally more suitable. If you need additional weight capacity or extra power, larger units are ideal.

From the overall dimensions of the machine to its lifting capacity and all-terrain capabilities, it’s also important to select professional equipment that meets the demands of the project and the specifications of the job site. Our excavators are designed to ensure maximum productivity in all conditions, with the compact design of each machine ideal for urban construction sites and tight work zones.

If you need a zero tail swing radius for maximum manoeuvrability or an independent boom swing for confined spaces, our excavators are the ideal solution. All of our products feature an advanced hydraulic system and optimal power controls for maximum efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

If you’re looking for ‘excavator hire near me’, Preston Hire has the perfect solution. With offices in every Australian state and territory, you can rely on consistent access to high-quality earthmoving equipment across the country.

The Preston Hire advantage

Preston Hire is a reliable provider of top-notch construction hire services for various industry sectors. Along with our SuperCivil range, our other construction equipment categories include:

You can count on Preston Hire to give easy access to specialist construction equipment at highly competitive prices. We have decades of experience in the commercial hire industry, with our expert team providing consistent and reliable equipment hire solutions. We take pride in our selection of great products combined with friendly customer support and strict safety policies as our way of supporting the Australian construction sector.

If you need excavators or earthmoving equipment anywhere in Australia, please browse our product selection or contact our team today.


Where are our excavators available for hire?

Preston Hire is a nation-wide operation, so you can rely on consistent quality standards anywhere in Australia. We have offices in all states and territories, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin. We are proud to support the local construction industry with great products, competitive prices, and unmatched safety and reliability protocols. Instead of searching ‘hire an excavator near me’, call the team at Preston Hire today.

What operating weight capacities of excavators are available for hire?

The SuperCivil range from Preston Hire is designed for common construction environments and is highly versatile. We specialise in compact excavators with an operating weight range between 1,820 kg and 5,200 kg. We currently have three models available for hire: SY16C at 1,820 kg, SY26U at 2,780 kg, and SY50U at 5,200 kg. All units are compact and easy to use in tight spaces.

What do I consider when hiring an excavator?

When choosing an excavator, consider the operating weight capacity based on the job requirements, the overall manoeuvrability of the unit, the swing radius and boom swing specifications, and the reliability of the equipment. It’s always important to deal with a respected construction hire company to ensure high-quality equipment, competitive prices, and safety compliance.

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