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The construction sector and the crane hire market continues to demand specialised cranes. Projects are becoming increasingly involved which increases the number of challenges customers face and the need for specialised equipment to provide solutions. Today’s projects require cranes with smaller footprints yet with the expectation for the same loads to be lifted. Customers are looking for larger capacities from smaller cranes to manage their lifting plans. Preston Hire is embracing these challenges by continuing to invest in the right cranes which will play integral roles in construction solutions for the future.

The SuperCrane fleet is made up of Kato, Maada, UNIC, SANY and Sennebogen machines in various models and capacities. Each machine has been carefully selected based on its unique abilities, quality craftsmanship and the benefits it can provide to a broad range of disciplines. Our fleet includes Mini Cranes, Hydraulic Crawler Cranes and Mobile Cranes, including models that feature the latest eco-friendly, electric and battery technologies.

Frequent interaction with our customers to understand their current and future projects enables Preston Hire to provide the right solution for every application. By customising our fleet to provide high levels of customer satisfaction ensures we will honour our promise of COUNT ON US.

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Beyond our equipment, Preston Hire provides additional services to customers to extend our offering including detailed lift studies, lift engineering, lift plans, and crane attachments. Offering these services to customers demonstrates the importance of these additional resources from both customer service and importantly a safety point of view.

Services provided by Preston Hire relevant to our SuperCrane fleet include:

  • Various attachments including an extensive range of Glass-Lifting Rigs to service more sectors.
  • Lift Studies
  • Lift Engineering provides by our 2 in-house draftsman
  • Lift Plans
  • Access to software programs including Maeda and Unic OEM outrigger reaction programs, Cranimax, Liccon Lift Planner, SANY crane customer software, and Autocad
  • Wet and Dry Hire

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Call us on 1800 440 550 for obligation-free expert advice on your construction project.



Preston Hire brings you a great fleet of SuperCrane cranes in Australia including mini crawlers and larger crawler cranes. Having the right type of crane will make a big difference in your project. If you’re out there looking for a SuperCrane, you need to find one that is best suited for the work or project you have. With the advancement in technology, our safe dependable cranes are able to perform complex jobs. Almost, all projects involving construction and demolition, or the transport and shipping of large loads and heavy materials will require powerful lifting cranes. The success of a project will depend on the kind of crane you select. Having a suitable crane will help prevent accidents, damages, and save you time as well as money. It also helps improve your workplace safety and compliance.

In the realm of heavy-lift cranes you can find today there are some traditional and newer players but mini crawler cranes and the larger cranes are among the most common machines. Every crane is designed to perform a specific function, so you need to understand the nature of your project, capacity requirements, and the work to be done by the cranes.

Mini crawler cranes

Mini crawler cranes, also referred to as spider cranes, are compact and versatile. They have been engineered to move and lift loads in hard-to-access areas. These cranes are characterised by their minimal tail swing and small footprint. Designed to access almost any job site, you can use SuperCrane mini crawler cranes for a wide range of industrial, construction, and building jobs. These cranes embrace the concept of “less is more” in crane applications.

Rapid advancement in high-performance technologies has ensured that spider cranes remain compact whilst not compromising on their lifting potential. Also, mini crawler cranes utilise a highly innovative load distribution technology that does not require the use of outriggers. The cranes have a 360 degree slewing without tail swing. Mini crawlers reduce disruptions in job sites and get the job finished quickly. They can safely work in confined spaces and have less access planning within existing sites, saving transportation and time costs. Also, they have higher safety standards to ensure the best in workplace welfare.

Mini crawler cranes ensure mobility and stability. These cranes are designed with tracks like a tank, but you also find some fitted with robust all-terrain wheels. They are the crane of choice on difficult terrain and they are stable even on grounds that slope. Mini crawler cranes can access uneven grounds, Greenfield sites, inaccessible areas, landscaped areas, or elevated areas in Perth and other cities.

Tips for Choosing the Right Crane in Australia

Many things come into play when it comes to selecting the right crane hire.\

Lift capacity

It’s important you determine the load weight you intend to lift or move using a crane. You will need to get a crane that has the right lifting capacity to be able to move the load. Again, if you have a high-capacity crane and you’re only lifting a small load, you could end up wasting labour, time, and money. Choosing the wrong capacity crane for your requirements could result in job site accidents or damage the load you are lifting or other objects. You should determine the kind of load you want to move and consult PrestonHire if you have any questions on lift capacity. For instance, if you will be moving a liquid-filled tank, it will require special conditions when compared to moving something like a heavy machine of concrete block.

Boom length

Determining the height of the load to be lifted is as important as determining the load capacity of a crane. The crane’s boom length depends on how high you will be moving the material. You also want to check the condition of the weather like the wind. Lifting loads too high will mean that wind is likely to sway it leading to potential accidents. According to the height of the lift, you may want to ensure that you adjust the counterweight.

Moving distance – horizontal

Like vertical distance, cranes also move horizontally to pick up and move loads. If you are moving equipment from one location to another via a crane, you can choose a mobile crane that has wheels. A crane with rails is suitable for a fixed path of load movement. To ensure safety in horizontal crane movements, you want to look at three factors: support structure, counterweight, and boom’s stability. Make sure that you check the load weight that is rated for the specific crane you are hiring.

On-site terrain

Cranes need a support structure to ensure their stability when holding to the ground. A support structure is an important element when it comes to stabilisation of the crane as well as the load. Depending on the terrain, ensure you get a suitable crane in Australia. If you are working through uneven terrain, you should select the support width carefully. For a rough terrain like on off-road construction sites, it paramount that you hire rough-terrain cranes designed for that kind of environment. When working within a firm, flat terrain, you can use truck-mounted cranes because they ensure mobility and stability. The crawler travel gear delivers excellent off-road handling and maneuverability.

Access to the site

When driving the crane to the site, there are many obstacles you may encounter as well as safety issues. Some sites may not have paved access roads large enough to accommodate a crane. Sometimes, you may be operating within a building like a warehouse. When it comes to evaluating the accessibility to a site, you have to be creative. A mini crawler crane, for example, may be suitable for confined spaces.

Safety issues

When hiring a crane, make sure you inspect it as well as the site you will be using it. This helps identify potential safety hazards that can complicate a project. Many obstacles can occur around a site and when moving a crane. You need to look at things like streetlight poles, power cable, scaffolds, overhead catwalks, tall trees, and buildings. These present potential hazards in the use of the cranes. At PrestonHire, you are working with an ethical crane hire company with a strong commitment to safety, health, environmental sustainability, and quality control.

Where to Hire SuperCrane in Australia

If you have a project that requires the use of crawler cranes, you can select from the PrestonHire fleet of SuperCrane Australia crawler cranes.  Featuring advanced loading lifting technology and safety standards, these cranes can help execute your project fast and safely.  Preston Hire has a wide collection of SuperCrane crawlers for every other project needing crane hire in our locations servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin. Our knowledge will keep you on track, contact PrestonHire today to talk about your SuperCrane needs.

Preston Hire provides trusted crane hire for the construction industry. We operate across Australia and enjoy helping people to access the right equipment for the job at hand. We offer an impressive fleet of well-engineered and maintained construction equipment, including our renowned SuperCrane fleet. We have cranes in all shapes and sizes, including mini cranes, hydraulic crawler cranes, and mobile cranes. We work closely with clients across the construction industry and have the equipment you need to work smarter.

From the bustling streets of Sydney and Melbourne to Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and Canberra, our Australia-wide operation provides advanced crane hire in a simple and affordable package. We offer friendly professional advice and access to the best equipment in Australia. Our superior customer support has helped us to grow for over 35 years. We are proud to be one of the oldest privately owned hire companies in Australia. If you want crane hire anywhere in Australia, please call Preston Hire.

Selecting the perfect crane

The Preston Hire range has something for every type of job and construction task, including mini cranes, hydraulic crawler cranes, and mobile cranes. Whether you’re a small family-owned company or a large multinational, our equipment is designed to move materials safely and with efficiency. As the trusted Australian crane hire specialists, we are happy to answer your questions and hook you up with the right gear for the job at hand. Our large fleet includes Kato, Maada, UNIC, and Sennebogen machines.

Mini cranes

Mini cranes are useful when working in confined areas or dealing with restricted heights. At Preston Hire, we provide lightweight mini cranes with a lifting capacity of 1.7 t to 6 t and a width of 590 mm to 1,600 mm. Mini cranes are small and versatile, and strong enough for many demanding tasks.

Hydraulic crawler cranes

Hydraulic crawler cranes offer a number of unique advantages, including the ability to move alongside a lifted load. At Preston Hire, our reliable hydraulic crawler cranes can lift between 995 kg at 1.3 m width and 8 t at 2.4 m width. We offer Sennebogen crawler cranes and similar equipment Australia-wide.

Mobile cranes

Mobile cranes enable easy crane relocation and advanced manoeuvrability. At Preston Hire, our small and powerful mobile cranes are made for tight sites and inner-city construction jobs. We offer mobile crane hire Australia-wide, with our versatile product range perfect for many applications.


How can I hire a crane in Australia?

If you want to hire a crane for your next job, simply browse the Preston Hire site and choose from our SuperCrane range. When you’re ready to make an order, give us a call or drop in to our office in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, or Canberra.

What range of cranes are available for hire in Australia?

We offer an impressive selection of cranes, all of which are well maintained and designed to work in a demanding professional environment. You can choose from multiple mini cranes, crawler cranes, and mobile cranes.

What do I consider when hiring a crane in Australia?

When choosing a crane, it’s important to think about the dimensions of the site, as well as the shape and size of the things you want to move. It’s also critical to deal with a trusted company and ensure access to well-maintained equipment.

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