Crane Hire in Adelaide

At Preston Hire, modern and well-maintained machines are available for all kinds of work sites, both large and small. Our SuperCrane fleet includes the Maedas, Sennebogens, UNICs and Katos which come in a huge range of models and capacities which will work for all the needs you have no matter what the task is.

Our fleet of state-of-the-art mini-crawler models are known for and focused upon making the minimum impact while having the maximum load capacity. This is the largest fleet of Maeda mini cranes in Australia. Our fleet continues to grow in number as well as in size and capacity. We make sure we always have the right sized equipment for your exact needs.

We have been serving the construction industry for over 40 years. We, at Preston Hire, have a true understanding of project requirements and are always on the forefront of technology. This is backed up by your years of skilled support and customer service.

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Dependable, Safe Equipment

Right from the start, cranes have to be safe and dependable. They are being trusted to carry heavy loads over crew members as well as pedestrians. You need to be sure your machinery has up to date servicing, safety and lifting records and that they also have work cover certificates.

If these details are overlooked, the project can be delayed or, even worse, it could be done in an unsafe manner resulting in injuries to your team or the public. It is so important that you choose a company that hires low-pollution machinery that get the job done with a minimum of noise. You also have to find equipment that is efficient, come with advanced technological features and are comfortable to use for long hours.

Expert Crew Members

You must also be sure that you are working with a crew that really is a team of experts. You may need those who are fully trained in rigging, dogging, self-erecting operations and also open mobile crane operations You need a team of experts that have  years of experience working in  Australian cities. This expertise means saving many man hours, enjoying sound judgment calls and smoother, faster operations. Our team that takes care of crane hire Sydney for Preston is extremely experienced in all types of projects.

Focus on Safety

The safest crews are the best crews. You will see this for yourself when your team begins working together with our Sydney crane hire team. We always put safety first. We follow the guidelines issued by the Occupational Health and Safety or OHS organization as they are mandated by the Australian industry. Preston make sure that the industry standards are maintained by having all cranes in the fleet serviced regularly, and we also conduct routine safety inspections.

Selecting the Right Model

The type of crane that you end up hiring will greatly depend on a few key factors:

  • the height that you need access to
  • how much weight (load) you need it to hold onto at particular heights
  • the landscape of the area you'll be operating it on
  • site access and transportation

The Reach

The maximum height your crane will be operating at will obviously vary from site to site. You should make sure you know exactly how high your crane needs to reach beforehand. Even a few meters shy of what you need can cost you serious time and money. You also need to make sure you don't pay too much for a larger model than you need. Preston Hire has a huge range of cranes with different reach specifications to choose from.

The Capacity

You also need to know the weight of the typical loads your equipment will need to carry. The materials you're working with are also essential to take into consideration. Crane models vary greatly in their capacity, all the way between 12 to 130 tonnes. If you're unsure of which model will be best, just call Preston and we will assist you with calculating your load/capacity requirements.

The Terrain

Finally, be sure to survey the land you'll be working on beforehand. A fairly smooth terrain will be served by most models available. However, you'll need something a bit more specialisation if there's a lot of uneven and overly rocky terrain around. Preston Hire specialises in all-terrain machines, with a huge range of all-terrain models.

Site Access and Transportation

You need to consider the width and length of the crane from an operational and transportation stand-point. Preston Hire can provide delivery of a crane to your site, alternatively you can arrange your own transportation, however you will need to make sure you measure up the track width requirements and ensure your transport has the required capacity.

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Put our Sydney crane hire solutions to the test, call us today for obligation-free, expert advice on your construction project requirements. Call 1800 440 550 to receive more information or to book a free quote.

Preston Hire is the number one trusted name in crane and equipment hire. We offer crane hire in Adelaide and across the country, from the bustling streets of Sydney and Melbourne to Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, and Canberra. The Preston Hire SuperCrane range has something for every type of job and construction task, including mini cranes, hydraulic crawler cranes, and mobile cranes. Our equipment is designed to move a variety of materials safely and with efficiency.

At Preston Hire, we are experts in all aspects of crane and equipment hire. Our range includes various models and capacities, with our large fleet consisting of Kato, Maada, UNIC, and Sennebogen machines. We have been looking after the Australian construction industry for more than 35 years, and we enjoy helping builders of all sizes to access cranes and other cutting-edge equipment. If you need crane hire in Adelaide or elsewhere in Australia, we offer an extensive range and fantastic customer support at a great price point. Please call Preston Hire for reliable advice and friendly service.

Crane categories and applications

Cranes are used throughout the construction industry for lifting and transporting heavy objects. While this might seem like a simple task, each crane has a number of important variables that need to be taken into account. From the size of the outriggers and the boom to transportation and accessibility issues, it's important to select the right equipment for your needs.

Mini cranes

Mini cranes are perfect for moving materials in small, tight spaces. Ideal for confined areas and restricted heights, our lightweight cranes have a lifting capacity of 1.7 t to 6 t and a width of 590 mm to 1,600 mm. Mini cranes from Preston Hire provide powerful lifting capacity in a small and versatile package.

Hydraulic crawler cranes

Hydraulic crawler cranes offer numerous advantages, including the ability to lift heavy loads and move together with lifted loads. Our strong crawler cranes can be found across Adelaide construction sites, and are capable of lifting 995 kg at 1.3 m width, and 8 t at 2.4 m width.

Mobile cranes

Mobile cranes are the perfect choice when relocation and manoeuvrability are important. Our mobile cranes are easy to move and are great at navigating tight turns, which makes them ideal for smaller work sites or quick jobs. We offer mobile crane hire in Adelaide and Australia-wide.


How can I hire a crane in Adelaide?

It's never been easier to hire professional cranes and other construction equipment in Adelaide. Simply call Preston Hire or drop in to our local office today.

What range of cranes are available for hire in Adelaide?

We offer a wide array of cranes and other equipment for hire, including mini cranes for tight spaces, hydraulic crawler cranes for complex jobs, and mobile cranes for quick and easy relocation.

What do I consider when hiring a crane in Adelaide?

When hiring a crane in Adelaide, it's important to think about the type of crane you need based on site- specific dimensions, accessibility, and the quality and service history of the equipment.




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