Crane Hire in Melbourne

Whatever your needs may be, you are going to find that the SuperCranes fleet by Preston Hire is going to give you all that you are looking for and more when it comes to your work-site needs. Regardless of the site access, load requirements and other job details, these UNIC, Maeda, Kato and Sennebogen machines are going to be able to measure up no matter what.

We offer an equipment fleet that is constantly growing, both in capacity as well as size. We make sure that we offer nothing but the best when it comes to maximum load capacity and minimal impact while offering some of the most state of the art technology that is available today.

Preston is always going to be fully equipped with both larger, as well as mini cranes that will truly be able to meet all of your specific needs.

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As experts in the field of materials handling and equipment hire, we have been working to service the construction field for well over 40 years now and we always take the time to maintain a great understanding of all of the requirements of all types of construction projects. This will make sure that we are always going to be in the forefront when it comes to skill support, cutting edge technologies and nothing but the best in customer service for all of our customers.

Safe, Reliable Equipment

When looking for Crane hire Melbourne safety and dependability is at the top of most project manager's list. We know that they have to be trusted to take on huge loads that will need to be maneuvered over pedestrians, crew members, and more. This means ensuring that any equipment that you hire is going to be fully reliable. Everything has to have service records that are fully up to date, to include all lifting and safety requirements, as well as the work cover certificates that are necessary. 

Such details should never be taken for granted. If so, you are compromising the project at hand, either causing a delay or the chance that there could be some sort of damage to people or property. You need to be able to choose only the best company that will hire out low pollution and low noise cranes that have the latest technology built right into them. This is the only way that you can truly ensure that you are going to have the best outcome overall.

Team Of Experts

You also need to be absolutely certain that you are going to have nothing but the best when it comes to your crew, which includes ensuring they are experts in the field. The work will call for advanced rigging, crane operation, dogging and much more. Teaming up with people who have the most experience will always help you to ensure everything will go as planned.

Safety Is Paramount

Within this line of work, safety is a must, not a luxury. You can rest assured in knowing that we do all that we can to make absolute certain that our machinery is properly maintained. As a Melbourne crane rental company, we take great pride in our name and making sure that all standards are maintained at all times.

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Put our Melbourne crane hire to the test, call us today for obligation-free, expert advice on your construction requirements. Call 1800 440 550 to receive more information or to book a free quote.

As crane hire specialists with more than 50 years of experience, you can rely on us to meet all of your requirements for crane hire in Melbourne. We have a large fleet of well-maintained cranes, all with full-service histories, lifting records and work cover certification, which can be delivered to your site anywhere in the city. Whatever your lifting requirements, Preston Hire can supply the cranes you need at highly competitive rates. To arrange your crane hire today, please complete the enquiry form for the model you wish to hire or contact us by phone or email at any time.

Mini, Hydraulic Crawler and Mobile Crane Hire in Melbourne

Our fleet includes mini cranes suitable for smaller sites and sites with limited access, along with mobile cranes and hydraulic crawler cranes capable of lifting large loads safely and efficiently.

  • Mini Crane Hire in Melbourne – For small construction sites with restricted access, limited headroom or lifting applications that require a crane light enough to be deployed on a suspended slab, our range of mini cranes is ideal. With lifting capacities from 995 KG to 8 tonnes, we have cranes suitable for a wide variety of residential and small-scale commercial construction applications.
  • Hydraulic Crawler Crane Hire in Melbourne – Designed to safely lift and move loads over all types of terrain, our range of hydraulic crawler cranes includes models capable of lifting loads from 3 tonnes to 70 tonnes. In addition to their impressive lifting capabilities, our Sennebogen hydraulic crawler cranes feature compact footprints, making them suitable for sites with limited room for manoeuvre.
  • Mobile Crane Hire in Melbourne – If you need a crane that can be driven from one location to another, our mobile crane range boasts cranes capable of lifting from 13 to 60 tonnes. These versatile cranes are highly manoeuvrable, making them an excellent choice for urban construction projects of all sizes.

If you’re not sure what type of crane to hire, don’t hesitate to call and speak to us about your needs or send us a message using the contact form on our website. Our team of specialists can help you choose a crane that meets all of your requirements. 

How Do I Hire a Crane in Melbourne?

You can submit the enquiry form for the crane you wish to hire or call and speak to a member of our team any time during normal business hours.

What Range of Cranes Are Available for Hire in Melbourne?

We have a large fleet of mini, mobile and hydraulic crawler cranes, with lifting capacities from 995 KG to 70 tonnes, which means we can meet a wide variety of requirements.

What Should I Consider Before Hiring a Crane in Melbourne?

You need to take the type, size and weight of the loads you will be lifting into consideration, along with the nature of the site on which the crane will be working.

Call now to discuss your requirements for crane hire in Melbourne with one of our resident specialists.



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