Crane Hire in Perth

Made up of Sennebogen, UNIC, Kato, and Maeda, Preston Hire's SuperCranes fleet offer a wide array of models and capacities that are easily suited to your personal needs. Whether the task is large or small, you can be sure it will be covered with full efficiency. Our entire range is all well taken care of and completely up to modern standards.

Though originally focused on (and even mostly known for) the supply of mini crawler cranes, Preston's current fleet of SuperCranes is rapidly growing both in number, size, and overall capacity. There is no larger supplier of state of the art, maximum load capacity and minimal impact Maeda mini cranes in all of Australia. Preston Hire is making sure to provide high quality cranes that can fit any need.

With over 40 years of expertise in hire equipment and material handling, Preston Hire understands the requirements of cranes in construction jobs all too well. They also ensure that all steps are taken to bring their equipment to the absolute forefront of current technology. In the midst of it all, the backbone of the company is made up of high skilled support specialists and grade A customer service across the board.

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Safety Requirements

Before embarking on hiring Cranes in Perth, you need to be extremely aware of the safety requirements as an Australian company. Like all construction machinery, cranes need to be dependable and safe in the work place. The equipment being hired must be reliable on every front given all of the trust that must be put into it. There are both crew members and pedestrians who will be around the equipment regularly, meaning there can be no shortcuts taken in ensuring its consistency and safety. Up to date records for crane safety and lifting must be kept, and work cover certificates must also be provided.

There is no room for taking these kind of details for granted. Otherwise, projects can be delayed or even disastrous at the very worst. Whatever company you're hiring your equipment from must also be able to provide you with options for low noise and pollution. Only the most modern equipment can provide both the maximum safety and convenience of use. The importance of having up to date, well taken care of machinery can not possibly be understated.

Industry best Expertise

Preston Hire offers an excellent crew consisting of highly trained experts in the construction field. These jobs require extensive training given all of the advanced rigging, dogging, and other complex tasks that must be accounted for. It's imperative that you choose a team with a serious reputation behind them. They can make sure to get the job done the right way, with the utmost in efficiency and safety on all fronts. In the end, the reason to go with Preston Hire should be crystal clear.

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As you can see, when it comes to Perth crane hire, we have exactly what it takes to make your project a success. Call us on 1800 440 550 to book a free quote and consultation for your project.




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Established in 1969, Preston Hire has seen a great deal of change in the industry, yet one thing has always remained the same: hard work, attention to detail, getting the job done and done well.

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