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A  range of Elevated Work Platforms, with a variety of vertical working heights and outreach. Perfect match for your work type and context, enabling traversing at heights and tackling undulating or rough terrain with safety and ease with versatility.

Elevated Work Platforms
When it comes to elevated work platform hire, you want quality and versatility. At Preston Hire, our massive range of elevated work platforms feature both. We have elevated work platforms with a variety of working heights and outreach to suit your needs.Get Elevated
We have elevated work platforms for almost any height or purpose. Our impressive range of SuperElevate work platforms includes top quality all terrain scissor lifts and impressively versatile spider lifts. A few of our featured elevated work platforms include:Superelevate 8 & 8AC—the first of its kind manufactured to include ‘intelligent counterweight design’ in the rear of the chassis. This platform is virtually indestructible as the counterweight acts as a shock absorber, increasing productivity and more importantly, safety. It’s low maintenance and well suited for interior maintenance, finishing work in construction and distribution events.
SuperElevate 22.10—one of our most lightweight elevated work platforms, the SuperElevate 22.10 is easily transportable and features expandable tracks, allowing for increased ground clearance and stability. This elevated work platform will comfortably travel off-road on rough or rocky terrain. Among its many features are an articulated boom with a fly-jib, allowing for increased versatility in its functions; a hydraulic basket rotating 90° in either direction; dual power, with both a diesel motor and 240V electric motor; easily removable basket and automatic outreach control system.If you are looking for elevated platform hire in Australia, then Preston Hire has got you covered. We have branches in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide with alliance partners in Darwin. For elevated platform hire at unbeatable prices, contact us on 1800 440 550.

Preston Hire brings you a great fleet of SuperElevate work platforms for hire in Australia,  including a variety of vertical working heights and outreach. Elevated work platforms provide a flexible and efficient way to access jobs at heights.


Elevated work platforms hire from Preston Hire, can be set up and used easily and quickly with flexibility and transported according to the demands that the job entails. Bigger elevated work platforms for hire can be towed to the site for set up or via mounted platforms on vehicles for maximum mobility. Some models can be safely used with raised platforms to facilitate the completion of several jobs in various locations off or on-site.

Spider lift elevated work platforms are lightweight for tighter building interiors or spaces. These can be used externally or internally without damaging pathways or floors and can fit through regular-sized gates and doorways. Vehicles are also available for jobs within extreme conditions to ease access to places that are hard to reach along with levelling controls for stability on slopes and steep ground.


Elevated work platforms Australia are a simple and effective solution for lifting essential equipment and people at height. This enables the quick and safe raising of breakables, specialist equipment, heavy materials or tools. Manufacture and maintenance are regulated by industry standards so that they are robust and easy to operate.


Time is a valuable asset for most jobs and elevated platforms help to save money by enhancing efficiency and speed. They are safe and convenient, minimising the amount of time that is spent on setting up equipment and risk assessments.

Less staff is required to operate them, which cuts down on the costs of labour along with being flexible and easily moved during jobs. They can lift heavier weights and using conventional lifting methods to move specialist equipment around can be costly. Elevated working platforms are all about flexibility, mobility, accessing restricted spaces, internal and external use, better site safety and cost-effectiveness.


No equipment offers the highest level of efficiency and safety for access jobs than the right elevated work platform. These specialised trucks were originally designed to harvest fruit on farms and have evolved to be used by different industries that need to carry out aerial jobs.

Due to how these platforms are used, reliability is a key factor when picking a manufacturer. The vehicle design has been developed through the years to produce reliable and well-made equipment. Modern equipment features and designs go beyond longevity with the emphasis being placed on aspects such as safety.

Safety is a priority, considering how the unit functions by lifting people high into the air under hazardous conditions sometimes. Elevated work platforms should always be equipped with optimal safety features that are designed to keep operators protected from potential dangers while on the job site.

Secure and Sturdy

Elevated platforms have strong foundations such as harnesses and cranes that are occasionally set up on vehicles. With this kind of mounting, users are not concerned about maintaining their balance. Workers generally require both their hands when handling tasks at height.

Working on an elevated platform means that you can use your hands efficiently as the platform and harness make sure that you will not fall. Workers can carry out their tasks and focus on what they are doing.


With elevated platforms, there is more space and comfort while working. The job can be down without shifting positions or straining and can even place their tools on the platform when they need to. Work is less strenuous when using a proper platform. The machines make it possible for workers to access more areas quickly, especially for corners and heights that are not typically accessible. By using the controls on the platform to regulate the mechanisms, workers do not have to move around repeatedly.


Elevated work platforms for hire can be used in a variety of ways. The machines continue to be a popular choice for construction sites, utility services and building repairs and maintenance. When it comes to jobs at heights, the safety guidelines are clear. People whose work consists of getting above the ground require platforms to comply with workplace safety regulations and help to reduce mishaps and accidents.

Elevated work platforms in Australia are the most effective way to work at heights. How high you go depends on what you are doing and where you are working. Many work platforms can be simply set up by one person. They provide useful features that vary from air compressors to electrical outlets. If you seek to hire one, it is important to consider the kind of work that you will be using it for. There are different options to choose from and each one has been designed with varying safety loads and features.

When hiring a platform, it is advisable to make sure that the person who operates the machine undergoes training that covers correct procedures for securing and shutting down the work platform, emergency procedures, setup, operation, equipment checks before and after the operation, safety planning for work, protective equipment and hazard assessment.

Unit Operation

With the rise in the number of elevating platforms being hired, site and operator safety is paramount. Hiring the right platform and having experienced operators goes a long way towards reducing the risks that are linked to working at heights.

Operating access equipment requires proper training to be familiar with how the unit works, including all the capabilities and safety features. This ensures that the unit is operated safely while avoiding mistakes such as overturning, hitting objects or overloading.

Operators are expected to fully understand the procedures for emergency shutdowns so they can promptly respond in case of an emergency, therefore limiting the risk for damage or harm to property and people. Other factors that should be considered include the type of platform, operating the unit inside or outside and the terrain of the operating area.

Preston Hire has a wide collection of SuperElevate platforms for every other project needing elevated work in our locations servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin. Our knowledge will keep you on track, contact PrestonHire today to talk about your SuperElevate needs.

Preston Hire provides trusted equipment hire services for the construction industry. We operate from all major Australian cities and offer a large range of safe and reliable equipment. We specialise in complex and demanding projects, including elevated work platforms (EWP) in all shapes and sizes. Our SuperElevate range includes scissor lifts for all-terrain access, spider lifts for difficult spaces, and rail boom lifts for specialised rail and road applications.

The Preston Hire SuperElevate range is reliable, versatile, and affordable. We keep a range of work platforms in stock at all times, with multiple items available depending on height requirements, accessibility limitations, and working conditions. Our advanced lift equipment is perfect for large-scale civil infrastructure projects, expansive commercial sites, and tight residential developments. We offer elevated work platforms across Australia, with items available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, and Adelaide.

Selecting the right elevated platform

The Preston Hire range has something for every job site and project application. Whether you’re running a small company or managing a large government project, our equipment is designed to ensure worker safety. When choosing a work platform for your next job, it’s important to think about site dimensions, operational heights, and accessibility constraints among other things. The following elevated platforms are designed to solve unique and complex problems with ease:

Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are ideal if you need all-terrain access to your job site or work zone. We have scissor lifts in multiple sizes, including models that can adjust up to 20° front and back and 15° on each side. Our compact and versatile scissor lifts will help you to navigate steep inclines and uneven terrain. These lifts are ideal for construction, agriculture, tree care, and park maintenance among other applications.

Spider lifts

Spider lifts and booms are the perfect product for highly specialised applications. We provide high-quality telescoping spider lifts with two-man operation and extended outreach capacity. These lifts are ideal for agricultural, park maintenance, and tree care applications, and also useful for certain civil and construction tasks.

Rail boom lifts

Preston Hire is committed to providing specialised hire equipment for diverse industry sectors. We have purchased quality rail boom lifts for road and rail applications, including the SuperElevate RR14EVO3 model. Widely recognised as the best performing machine of its type, this model delivers outstanding performance and reliability.

If you’re looking for elevated work platforms in Australia, please view our products or contact our team today.


How can I hire an elevated work platform in Australia?

If you want EWP in Australia, we have access to multiple SuperElevate products. Whenever you’re ready to start a new project or expand your range of services, just contact Preston Hire or drop in to one of our capital city offices.

Where in Australia can I hire an EWP?

We operate across the country, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, and Adelaide. As a trusted nation-wide business, you can count on Preston Hire for consistent and reliable service delivery.

What do I consider when hiring EWP in Australia?

At Preston Hire, we have equipment for every worksite and application. When it comes to EWPs in Australia, it’s important to choose equipment based on site dimensions, operational working heights, and access requirements. In addition, it’s important to deal with a trusted team with a deep understanding of health and safety regulations and equipment maintenance schedules.

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