Elevated Work Platform Hire Brisbane

Preston Hire is a national leader in construction and commercial equipment hire. We specialise in elevated work platform hire, with our SuperElevate range available in Brisbane and across Australia. Whether you’re looking for scissor lifts, spider lifts, or rail boom lifts, we offer safe and efficient work platforms in multiple shapes and sizes. We also provide a range of cranes, decking, and propping solutions for construction and commercial projects. Preston Hire offers elevated work platforms in all major cities, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, and Adelaide.

Preston Hire is a trusted name in elevated work platform hire. We don’t just hire you equipment. We also provide support to ensure you access the right gear for the job. Our advanced work platforms are designed to suit multiple construction sites and project types, from large-scale civil and commercial projects to residential builds, roofing jobs, and extensive renovations. Whenever you need to work from heights or tackle difficult terrain safety, we’ve got you covered. Whenever you require extended vertical working heights or safe distance outreach, we’ve got your back.

The Preston Hire difference

At Preston Hire, we have been around since 1969 and seen many changes in the construction industry. Over many years, we have refined our business model and updated our safety policies numerous times to meet the stringent demands of the Australian construction sector. Our strict Workplace Health & Safety, environmental, and quality control policies ensure happy customers and safe worksites across Brisbane and Australia.

Our SuperElevate range helps builders to work safely and efficiently from heights with some of the best construction equipment in the industry. Along with our SuperElevate range, we also offer SuperCrane, SuperSiteStorage, SuperPropping, and SuperService solutions. At Preston Hire, we focus on workplace safety, quality equipment, and great customer support with a smile.

If you’re looking for elevated work platform hire in Brisbane or elsewhere in Australia, please view our product selection or contact our friendly team today.


How can I hire an elevated work platform in Brisbane?

With our SuperElevate range, it’s never been easier to hire professional elevated work platforms and other construction equipment. When you’re ready to get to work, simply call Preston Hire or drop into our local Brisbane office at Underwood.

What range of elevated work platforms are available for hire in Brisbane?

We offer an impressive selection of elevated work platforms, from all-terrain scissor lifts to versatile spider lifts and rail boom solutions. Regardless of your needs or operational budget, our advanced equipment helps to ensure operational efficiency and workplace safety.

What do I consider when hiring an elevated work platform in Brisbane?

When choosing an elevated work platform, it’s important to think about the dimensions of the site, the height of the work area, and the extension capabilities required to work safely. It’s also important to deal with a respected hire company in order to ensure compliance with safety guidelines and access to well-maintained equipment.

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Construction industry experts rely on Preston Hire for more than just retractable loading Superdeck hire, we also also offer SuperCrane, SuperElevate, SuperSiteStorage, SuperPropping and SuperService.


Preston Hire is committed to creating a workplace that is injury, illness and incident free. Our strict WHS, environmental and quality policies and procedures in place to ensure that we are recognised by our customers and peers...


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Established in 1969, Preston Hire has seen a great deal of change in the industry, yet one thing has always remained the same: hard work, attention to detail, getting the job done and done well.


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