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Preston Hire has an extensive range of Glass Handling equipment and services to cater to the commercial glazing industry. Designed to complement our extensive range of mini cranes, SuperGlassHandling is a highly specialised service that has evolved from customer demand and our ongoing commitment to COUNT ON US for all hire equipment needs.

Our glass handling equipment has been selected on its merits of quality, reliability and superb safety standards. Key features include:

• Lifting loads from 300kg to 1000kg
• Low weights make it possible to go where heavier machines cannot due to surface pressure
• Equipped with crane arm: manual turning by 360°, in the 90°-grid lockable, manual tilting by 90°
• Integrated vacuum gauges and charge meter to monitor the vacuum function and energy supply
• Integrated energy saving function for reduced pump running times and maximized operating times of the device
Discover our full range of SuperGlassHandling equipment or contact us for more information or to discuss your specific needs.

Preston Hire offers trusted equipment hire solutions for the construction sector. From cranes and elevated work platforms to containers and glass handling equipment, our company supports your needs from the ground up. We specialise in glass lifters and accessories to enable safe glass transportation and manoeuvring. Our SuperGlassHandling products work with our mini cranes for safe and effective construction. If you need glass lifting equipment hire anywhere in Australia, we’re here to help.

Commercial glazing can be a challenging industry, with valuable assets needing to be moved safely and efficiently on a regular basis. Access to the right equipment is absolutely essential, so we have a range of glass suction lifter models available to support different asset sizes and transportation needs. From the overall dimensions of the machine to its lifting capacity and all-terrain features, your equipment’s capabilities should be able to meet the demands of the project and the specifications of the job site.

Choosing the right glass vacuum lifter

When it comes to glass lifting equipment rental, it’s important to work with a company that understands your needs. At Preston Hire, we have multiple models available for different applications. Whether you need to move small window panes or large glass walls, all of our glass lifting equipment have been designed to meet stringent quality, reliability, and safety standards. We operate from all major cities and provide easy access to construction equipment for complex and demanding projects.

Before selecting a glass lifting machine, consider the dimensions of the glass and the lifting capacity of the machine. Our equipment can handle loads between 300 kg and 1,000 kg, including standard flat glass and convex and concave materials. Along with the size and shape of the materials, it’s important to think about your transportation needs and access restrictions. As every job site is unique, our SuperGlassHandling range is designed to work together with our mini cranes and hydraulic cranes for maximum reach and manoeuvring.

Glass handling equipment features

Preston Hire offers glass lifting and handling rigs in all shapes and sizes. From specialist machines with full transportation capabilities to add-ons for cranes and other equipment, our products offer the following innovative features:

  • Lifting capacity from 300 kg to 1,000 kg
  • Ability to handle flat, convex, and concave glass
  • Low weights providing low surface pressure and improved site access
  • Equipped with crane arm: manual turning by 360°, in the 90°-grid lockable, and manual tilting by 90°
  • Integrated gauges and meters to monitor vacuum function and energy supply
  • Integrated energy-saving function, which improves operating time

The Preston Hire difference

With decades of experience in the commercial hire industry, Preston Hire is known for its high-quality construction hire services for multiple industry sectors. Along with our extensive SuperGlassHandling range, we provide affordable access to other construction equipment, including the following:

At Preston Hire, we provide easy access to specialist tools at competitive prices. We have refined our products and services over time to ensure quality and consistency. We combine great products with friendly customer support and strict safety policies to meet the demands of the Australian construction sector.

If you need glass lifting equipment for rent anywhere in Australia, please browse our product selection or contact our team today.


Where can I hire a glass lifter in Australia?

Preston Hire is a national business, with offices located in every state and territory. From Sydney and Melbourne to Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin, our Australia-wide operation ensures consistent quality and safety standards. We are proud to support the construction industry across Australia with an extensive and recognised range of quality products and services.

What can our glass lifters be used for?

Glass lifters are used to transport and manoeuver glass panes within a job site. Once the glass arrives safely on the back of a glass transportation truck, lifters are used to move it between working zones. Our SuperGlassHandling range is designed to work with our cranes, with glass easily lifted at heights and moved between floors based on the requirements of the job.

What do I consider when hiring a glass lifter?

When you choose a glass lifter for your next project, it’s important to think about the dimensions of the glass you’re working with and the lifting capacity of the equipment. In addition, you need to consider transportation needs, access restrictions, and the ability to work with cranes and other equipment.

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