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Rail Boom Lift Pantograph

The measuring and grounding pantograph is designed for offering an optional tool to be fitted to the SuperElevate™ RR14EVO3. Designed without any additional manually operated locking and unlocking handle to recover the device in transport position. The pantograph is very compact in size in order to maximize the employability to the SuperElevate™ RR14EVO3 model reducing to 3.0m the total height when in stowed position.

This feature enable the transport of the the SuperElevate™ RR14EVO3 on flat bed truck without removing the pantograph from the machine. Also can even be fitted to other vehicles by simply bolting it to the vehicle supposed to measure the overhead lines.

The pantograph consist of vertical must with free moving telescoping up and down section. At the top of the free moving sections there’s a pantograph and a blade with the purpose of making a constant upward force to the overhead wire. (The force can be adjusted from 5 to 50kg).

The pantograph takes care of adjusting its position according to the overhead wire position, so that by means of a digital display it is possible to check the distance from top of the rail and overhead line. Instead a ruler fitted to the pantograph blade enable to read the side to side horizontal position of the overhead wire.

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