Each year on 10th October, World Mental Health Day is acknowledged. It is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy to raise public awareness of mental health issues worldwide.

One of the biggest challenges around Mental Health is the stigma associated with it. The 2018 campaign, Do You See What I See? challenges perceptions about mental illness in Australia and encourages everyone to look at mental health in a more positive light. The hope is this will make way for more people to seek the help and support they deserve.

Stigma around mental illness due to misunderstanding or prejudice remains an issue in Australia, delaying or preventing people from wanting or feeling able to seek help, and impacting adversely on their lives.

Misconceptions and misrepresentations about those experiencing mental illness are damaging to people’s lives. They may include references to people affected as being ‘scary’, ‘comical’, ‘incompetent’, ‘weak’ or ‘hopeless’ and can appear anywhere, from in the media and the arts to conversations we have at work, school or home.

The reality is the vast majority of people affected by mental illness are able to lead independent and contributing lives in the community, with the right treatment and support. With one in five Australians affected, they form part of our close circles of family, friends and colleagues, and interact with us in our communities every day.

It’s time to look at mental illness in a different light – a positive light.

As part of the 2018 campaign, Australians are encouraged to make a PROMISE to the way they consider and approach Mental Illness.
Examples of promises included:
• Listen openly to my family members and help them find support if they need it.
• Share my journey with family and friends to help them understand my experience.
• Ensure all staff understand the importance of mental wellbeing at work.
• Check in with my mates and let them know I am always here to listen.

If you would like to make a promise to this campaign, click the link below:

Mental Wellbeing is an important pillar of the SuperLife program.
If you would like more information visit or contact Jenny Grosvenor or your Regional Manager for any support you may need.



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