This month we share the achievement of one of our PHN staff who completed the annual MS Gong Ride to raise much needed funds for Multiple Sclerosis.

We chat with our SuperlIfe Superstar Jorge Soto to learn more about this event and the training he did to get ready for the big day!

We hear you did the MS Gong Ride – tell us what this charity ride is all about!
That’s right. I took part in the MS Gong Ride which is a bicycle ride of 82kms from Sydney to Wollongong in November. This charity ride is to raise funds for MS (multiple sclerosis) which is a common disease of the central nervous system in young adults. It strikes people in their prime of their lives and currently “THERE IS NO CURE”.

What made you want to participate in this event?
I’ve always wanted to participate in the ride as a challenge for myself but never had the opportunity until now. What better way to get fit and also help a great cause


Have you always been a bike rider, or was this something new for you?
I’ve always enjoyed bike riding but took it more seriously when I participated in another ride to conquer cancer. That ride consisted of 200kms so I’ve done my fair share of kms now! This charity is very close to my heart as I’ve had family members being affected by this disease. Therefore my passion for helping charities began.

What kind of training did you do in the lead up to the event?
Due to work commitments, I was mainly training at home after work for an hour doing cardio and weights during the week. Sunday’s I would meet up with friends who also took part in this event and we would train on our bikes along the M7 starting with a low 20kms then gradually building it up to 70kms the week before the ride.

Did you do the ride alone or with friends/family?
I participated in this ride with two other friends Rod & Daniel, whom for the same reasons as me, took part in this event.
My family were all there for me at the end of the race and have been my biggest supporters.

Would you encourage others to take part in events like this and why?
Definitely, I believe everyone should take time out of their busy lives (where possible) to help with a great cause (charity) close to their heart as this will also give them great satisfaction and accomplishment while keeping/getting fit.

Well Done Jorge!
Not only a great thing to do for your own health and fitness, but a worthy cause to raise awareness for.

Have you been involved in any special events or are you proud of a Wellbeing related achievement? Send us your story!



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