This month we want to highlight another SuperLife SuperStar – Steve Bowden from PHN.

People making active decisions to improve their lifestyle is what we are all about, so we chatted with Steve to find out what he has been up to in 2018 and what changes he has made to his fitness

Tell us about the changes you have made to your fitness this year?
I finally pulled my finger out after years of thinking I was fit enough and took up the invitation from one of my Racing brothers Jason
‘RYSK’ Howell to train at his gym.

What made you start training more?
I made the call last year to commit to a trainer after weighing in at 90kg whilst getting kitted up to skydive with my Daughter on her Birthday. That was the time to change.

How often do you train?
I initially started training sessions twice a week and found them tough. I was surprised by how out of condition I was and my cardio really struggled at times. I now train 4 mornings per week and have also started Boxing sparring which takes you to a different fitness level. I love the sessions and can give it my all. I’ve really noticed an improvement in my cardio and strength.

What are the biggest body changes you have noticed as a result of training?
The “Gut” … whilst still there a little, it has flattened quite a bit. I’ve gotten considerably stronger and can fit into clothes much more comfortably now.


Have you noticed other benefits of having changed your body shape?
As most of you know, I race Endurance Karts in the TEKA Series and my body change and improved fitness has really helped me stay fresh for our driving stints plus given me faster lap times. I actually need to carry ballast now (weights in the kart to ensure I meet the minimum weight rules.)
I’m also pretty happy that it is keeping me stronger to warn off the boys my 16yr old daughter will start to bring home!!!

How much weight have you lost?
I’ve lost a solid 10kgs since January but have gone as low as 79.4kg. I have a taste for the Holy water sold at my local Church, so if I gave up praying, I’d lose more. (Translation: I enjoy a beer at the pub with my mates so if I reduced my drinking I would probably drop a few more kgs!)

Any tips for getting started or making that first initial change in lifestyle?
Be like Nike and “Just Do It”. It’s pain but great pain and its giving me back years to continue to annoy the world.

On ya Steve!!!
Keep up the great work!



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