SuperLife was created to help our staff be the best version of themselves. So when we hear positive changes that our staff are making in their lives, we want to celebrate them and share their stories!
Our first SuperLife SuperSTAR is Wes Munro from PHV.

Our lovable friend from PHV provided many laughs at last year’s Christmas party with his dance moves and willingness to jump in the hot tub!! Recently however, Wes has put a smile on our faces by sharing his story of a major lifestyle change he has committed to. We chat to Wes to find out what he has done to improve his health:

Wes, you recently made a big health change! Tell us what you decided to do.
I decided to give up smoking … and we all know I was a big smoker!

How many cigarettes per day were you having?
I was a 30 smokes a day man, so it has been a significant change to my day to day routine.

How much would you have been spending on cigarettes each week?
I would have easily been spending around $180 per week on cigarettes or over $700 per month. It was the deciding factor that made me give up when I realised what else I could be spending that money on.

How many years have you been a smoker?
I started smoking when I was 14. You can guess how many years that means I’ve been smoking for! Let’s just say it has been a long time and part of my life.

What was the main motivation for quitting?
I bought a house at Corowa that is only 120 meters to the Murray River. I worked out I would need to get a full time tenant at the property unless I gave up smoking. The money that I save by not smoking allows me to keep the place as a holiday house and we can use it on weekends and holidays. I love the house and have nicknamed it the “Happy House”. As soon as I walk through the doors I feel happy which keeps me motivated to stay away from the smokes. We go fishing, swimming and generally just enjoy the lifestyle away from the city. I love it.

What are the benefits and challenges you have experienced thus far?
I knew going cold turkey would be tough so I did one month of wearing patches that took the edge off. Now I don’t use patches either.
I think about smoking a lot and at times it has been tough not to go back to old habits.
On the Footy Finals weekend when we were enjoying some drinks watching the game I was put to the test, but resisted and kept reminding myself why I was doing it.

Spending time at my holiday house has helped me too – I don’t want to miss out on enjoying it with family and friends for the sake of a smoking habit.
I feel proud when I tell people I’ve quit. I also recognise the more people I tell the more they will help me stay accountable.

Any tips for others thinking about quitting?
You have to be ready to commit to it. When you have a definite motivator it makes the decision a lot easier.
Patches were a big help initially. If you go to your doctor, you can get 6 months worth of patches for free – worth considering.

Well Done Wes!
We are really proud of you and are here to encourage you to keep up the good work.

If anyone else has a SuperLife SuperSTAR story they would like to share – either about themselves or one of your colleagues – please let us know!



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