Welcome to SuperLife everyone!
All of our branches have now officially had their SuperLife induction and understand what this special program aims to achieve throughout the business. Our staff are our greatest asset and we want to help you be the best version of yourself.

Why did we launch SuperLife?
Our work life has a major influence on our family. We spend more time with our work colleagues than we do with our families.
Work is a major part of all our lives and it can have both positive and negative effects on us.
Last year we looked at some areas of the business and recognised when visiting sites that habits were creeping into people’s routines that we felt could be improved at all branches.
We understand that we all lead busy lives, so we all have a responsibility, as owner’s and employees to help all staff become better versions of ourselves.

SUPERLIFE isn’t about us telling you what to do – it is about you!

Our Mission is:

Like our Core Values, we want this to be part of our everyday life here at Preston Group. We want it to become part of us – it is never ending.

All staff’s wellbeing is an important part of a strong business and it is essential for a productive workplace. Working together to create a healthy environment which will impact our lifestyle choices (and come back full circle), creating a better desired culture both personally and professionally.

The Key Pillars
SuperLife focuses on three key pillars:
1. Environmental health (what we put back into the environment)
2. Wellbeing – our mental health
3. Our lifestyle or our physical health

Examples of how we aim to bring each of these pillars to life include:
Environment – Initiatives designed to decrease our impact on the environment and create a safe, healthy work atmosphere.
• Become paper lite – reduce the amount of paper we use in each branch
• Recycling program introduced at branches
• Reduction in printing – identify where electronic versions can be utilized
• Branch hygiene

Well-Being – Promote mental, social and emotional health measures to reduce stress, mental clarity and positive thinking. Build team morale and bonding to create strong, supportive team structures.
• Using annual leave program. Important to take a break from work each year. – we have started this program
• Financial Health
• Stress management tips
• Time Management skills
• Ensure each branch is promoting a healthy work/life balance
• Opportunities for families or partners to join social functions

Physical Health – Assisting staff to identify ways they can continually improve and enhance their physical health. Educate, inspire and support staff to review their healthy eating and exercise regimes to promote better physical wellbeing.
• Improving your eating habits
• Quite smoking campaigns
• Information and access to healthier meals
• Tricks and tips
• Exercise tips
• Challenges between branches
• Group activities to support charities
• Incentives

We don’t want to tell people or police people on how they live their lives, but improving your health can have beneficial effects on you personally, your work colleagues which will help Preston Group. Small changes can make a difference.

Again this is ongoing and we hope will be like our core values – it is something that becomes part of the make-up of Preston Group.

We look forward to bringing you initiatives that support our philosophy of SuperLife and are excited to see all staff embrace this fantastic new program!



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