What type of license is required to operate your Cranes?

You will require the relevant ‘Slewing Mobile Crane Licence’ for that particular crane’s capacity. The minimum license requirement is a Slewing Mobile Crane C2 license (up to 20t). Your Preston Hire Sales representative will discuss specific requirements with you pending your chosen SuperCrane model.

Do we need a dogman to work on the crane or can we have an employee from the building site to work with the crane operator?

We encourage licensed dogman are used as they are professionally trained for this task. Discuss your needs with us and we can assist to ensure safety and work capabilities are met.

Can we operate the crane without the outriggers extended if we are tight for a room?

No. Outriggers are required to be correctly utilised during all outrigger crane operations for safety and functionality purposes.

Can we reduce the outrigger point loads?

This can be achieved by utilising outrigger pads that help distribute the load. Discuss your specific needs with your Preston Hire Sales representative.

Does Preston Hire have outrigger pads that clients can hire?

Yes. Preston Hire has a variety of outrigger pads sizes available to use. Please discuss this with your Preston Hire Sales representative.

Do the Mini cranes have to pick and carry capabilities?

Our Crawler Crane range can provide you with these features. Please discuss this with your Preston Hire Sales representative.

Are your Cranes fitted with a searcher hook?

Some of the Preston Hire SuperCrane range have a searcher hook. Upon discussion of your specific project, we will select an appropriate Crane model for your needs.

Can your Cranes be towed on a regular trailer?

Some of our smaller crane units can be transported on a standard industrial trailer, pending the capabilities and dimensions of the trailer. Preston Hire has our own transport trailer available for deliveries or alternatively for larger cranes requiring specific transport needs we will assist in organising appropriate transportation.

Does Preston Hire supply Lift Studies if required?

We can provide draft version lift studies if required, however they require engineer sign off.

Can the cranes be operated via an electrical connection?

The Preston Hire fleet is always expanding to ensure we can meet customer needs. We have a number of machines in our current fleet that can be operated via Non-Combustion methods. Please discuss your specific needs with your Preston Hire Sales representative.

Do Preston Hire dry hire and wet hire cranes?

Yes, we offer both.

What is the minimum number of hours on site for wet hire?

This varies per job and can be discussed with your Preston Hire Sales representative prior to receiving your quote.

Do we need to set up an account with Preston Hire or can we pay via credit card?

We offer both options for payment.

Does Preston Hire supply lifting equipment?

Yes, we have AS.1418 tested and certified lifting equipment available for hire.

Does Preston Hire have Cranesafe on your cranes?

Yes. As a verified member of CICA we believe that ensuring our Cranes meet the CICA CraneSafe certification each year is our best way to showcase the quality of our machines.




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