Supercrane™Our modern, extensive and well-maintained crane hire fleet is comprised of Maeda, Sennebogen, UNIC and Kato mini cranes and large cranes in a wide range of models and capacities to suit your needs, available for wet or dry hire. As crane hire providers to the construction industry for over 40 years, and a member of key industry associations, Preston Hire has an in-depth understanding of crane requirements and delivers quality crane hire with expert service and support to match.
Superelevate™Access Equipment suitable for indoors and outdoors including up to 20˚ front & back and 15˚ side to side inclines and uneven terrain. Preston Hire offers compact scissor lifts are versatile and able to handle any challenge you throw at it. The SuperElevate range are perfect for agriculture, construction, building & park maintenance, tree care and many more.
Superdeck® ℗ Preston Hire's retractable crane loading platform system, SuperDeck ® , has long been the preferred system in multi-storey construction around the world. Able to be vertically stacked and rolled in and out as required, as opposed to the traditional staggered deck configuration, SuperDeck® loading platforms increase the efficiency of materials handling by minimising hindrance to crane ropes and loads to create faster, safer and more cost-effective crane operation.
Superpropping™At Preston Hire we supply and install a comprehensive range of high quality propping hire solutions, allowing us to deliver a highly flexible approach to propping that can readily meet the diverse needs of our many customers in the building and construction sector. We also stock an extensive selection of propping products for hire, plus associated high quality equipment and components, to ensure all our propping hire solutions meet our customers’ needs for durability and safety.
SuperEarthMoving™Preston Hire offers a wide range of mini, small, medium, and large excavators.

Our excavators are the machine of choice for major earthmoving projects. You can be sure you’re investing in a product built for operating efficiency, safety, and performance.
SuperGlassHandling™Commercial glazing and glass handling are specialist areas in the construction process.
Preston Hire has expanded their offering to provide premium services and equipment to the glazing industry with a range of glass lifting rigs and accessories that complement their extensive range of mini cranes.


Preston Hire is committed to providing you with quality, specialised hire equipment for your construction, infrastructure, civil and commercial hire needs.

We are proud of our history, our people and our reputation as a trusted and reliable team. You can COUNT ON US to get the job done.

Our range of specialised hire products have been thoughtfully selected to deliver solutions for all types of construction challenges. From loading and lifting to reaching, raising, renovating, and repairing … our fleet of products and our experienced team will assist you from start to finish.

No matter your industry or type of expertise, give us a call to discuss how we can help you!

Wide range of Construction Equipment

Any construction project demands that you have the right equipment for the right job. With different kinds of heavy equipment ranging from lifts or cranes to loaders, you want to make sure that your construction equipment can handle your tasks. There are things you need to look at before you choose particular heavy equipment for your project. Consider the project’s size and scope. Many construction jobs use heavy-duty transportation vehicles such as construction cranes. The equipment may range from bucket trucks to boom crane trucks designed for larger-scale projects. The bigger equipment is suitable for big jobs and they can work in uneven or rough terrains.

 Also, make sure that there is the availability of parts for your construction equipment. Since this equipment forms an integral part of the project, you should make sure that you can access all the elements needed to keep them working efficiently. Choose equipment that has parts available when you run into problems. You also want to ensure you have the right specialists who can fix the parts to ensure the project doesn’t experience downtimes or delays. Often, projects have delays and increased costs when your equipment cannot perform efficiently or you cannot get reliable parts when there is a breakdown of the existing one. 

At Preston Hire, we offer heavy construction equipment that is properly maintained and serviced for an excellent performance. Our operators are also highly trained to ensure that they efficiently and safely run the machines. 

We feature an extensive fleet of heavy construction equipment to make it easier for you to find the right one. With a fleet that comprises mobile, mini, and hydraulic cranes, we ensure that you get the equipment you need for your job. Our Maeda mini cranes are available for a restrictive work environment. If you are working on a site where there is a restriction in terms of accessibility and movement of heavy equipment, you want to go with compact designs of these machines that can easily manoeuvre the spaces. The smaller units are not only designed to access smaller spaces but also offer versatility. These are some of the flexible and reliable cranes in the industry. 

Mini cranes are made to do precision work – they have precision control when working on more delicate jobs such as glazing. They also use different kinds of attachments like vacuum lifts and glass manipulators. Depending on the kind of work you are hiring a mini crane for, you can have different attachments. You can easily manoeuvre mini cranes around existing structures such as close buildings and utility poles. If you are looking for a solution to complex construction challenges, then our mini cranes come in handy for limited space and weight restrictions. 

Manoeuvring mini cranes is pretty efficient and consumes less time, and you know time is money. You can improve your construction periods or timelines by using these cranes. Mini cranes are also easier to transport and set up compared to larger cranes. 

Use our Maeda mini cranes for the following kinds of work;

  • Installing outer walls like glass frames – mini cranes can be moved to upper floors within high rise buildings for installation works.
  • In spaces with obstacles or confined areas, you can use spider cranes for safety reasons. For instance, the working range restriction feature can allow an operator to avoid contact with things like power lines. 
  • Lightweight mini cranes can help lift materials on rooftops from the ground. So, you won’t block roads with bigger cranes. Mini cranes can carry out the work that is done by tower cranes. And they can be lifted easily to rooftops by elevators and tower cranes. 
  • Can use mini cranes for civil construction like train stations, airports, dam construction sites, and others. They are used to lift loads of materials. 
  • Where overhead cranes aren’t available or cannot be used due to space restrictions, mini cranes can work better. For instance in the maintenance of equipment within chemical plants and factories or inline replacement such as automotive manufacturers. 

At Preston Hire, we also feature larger cranes for robust work. Our collection of large cranes come from top manufacturers including Kato, Sennebogen, and Liebherr. 

In addition to crane hire, we also offer other services like installing super deck loading platforms. If your construction requires the use of super decks, we can install them. We work together with the engineering partners to ensure that we include any special requirements for your super deck platforms. If operator training is needed, we will organise one to ensure that the operators can operate the machine safely. We also supply and install quality propping for your project. 

Where can you find Preston Hire?

Our construction equipment hire services are available Australia Wide. We will offer heavy equipment hire solutions to clients in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, and other cities. Whether you want commercial construction equipment, earthmoving equipment hire, construction plant hire, or access equipment hire in Australia, we are here to help you. 

Why choose Preston Hire?

We feature top-class construction equipment from the best manufacturers. From Maeda to Sennebogen and Liebherr, we only work with quality manufacturers to ensure you get reliable and efficient machines for your project. We are top-rated among construction plant hire companies. We also have a dedicated team that will train your operators and other people on the safe and efficient operation of the heavy equipment. We take safety very seriously and we conduct training and educating your workforce on how to use the heavy equipment to ensure safety on site.


What we hire

Supercrane™Preston Hire’s crane fleet includes the largest mini crawler crane fleet in Australia ranging in capacity from 1.7t to 6.0t . Preston Hire also specialise in hydraulic crawler cranes ranging in capacity from 3.0t > 70t. Our extensive fleet comprises of leading brands such as Liebherr, Sennebogen, Maeda and Kato.
Superelevate™A wide range of scissor lifts and Elevated Work Platforms, with a variety of vertical working heights and outreach. Perfect match for your work type and context, enabling traversing at heights and tackling undulating or rough terrain with safety and ease with versatility.
Superdeck®Designed to simplify the handling of materials, particularly on multi-storey construction sites, this revolutionary Preston Hire innovation offers a 'drawer-like' loading platform system which has dramatically increased safety and reduced crane operation time for customers around the world.
Superpropping™Preston Hire offers a wide range of intelligent propping hire solutions for those working in the building and construction industry. Our extensive range of adjustable props is available for hire across Australia - ensuring we can always deliver the quality propping hire solution you need.
SuperEarthMoving™Preston Hire offers a wide range of mini, small, medium, and large excavators. Our excavators are the machine of choice for major earthmoving projects. You can be sure you’re investing in a product built for operating efficiency, safety, and performance.
SuperGlassHandling™Commercial glazing and glass handling are specialist areas in the construction process. Preston Hire has expanded their offering to provide premium services and equipment to the glazing industry with a range of glass lifting rigs and accessories that complement their extensive range of mini cranes.
  • Brett McMurray
    “We had never attempted this type of work and Preston Hire’s input in directing us to the correct equipment was invaluable and lead to a highly successful project. Preston Hire will be our first contact for any similar requirements in the future.”
    Brett McMurray
    Project Manager | Department of Main Roads, Queensland Government
  • Whight Smith
    "A big thank you to you & your crane driver today. It was good to put a face to the name and it is very rare these days to find a company who care about what they do as much as you do, a great effort."
    Whight Smith
    Project Manager | Hitec Kevin
  • John Casey
    "Preston Hire’s SuperDeck is simple to use, relatively light, mechanically full proof, requires little or no training and can lift up to 4 tonnes– it really is an ingenious piece of kit."
    John Casey
    Project Manager | Brookfield Multiplex
  • Gearoid Power
    "Preston Hire are at the forefront of the construction service industry. I have used Preston Hire on my last couple of projects and the service provided continues to be second to none. From the early stages of design, engineering and planning, right through to on-site works, the people at Preston Hire provide exceptional customer relations and support, and deliver on their promise to provide well maintained products and services without hesitation or delay. Preston Hire play a contributing role in delivering a successful project, and I will continue to use and recommend them going forward."
    Gearoid Power
    Project Engineer | BPI Group
  • Anthony Smits
    "Whether we are talking about having the latest properly-maintained equipment, the best people or all the correct documentation up to date and on hand, Preston Hire is a company that is serious about both its customer’s safety and its customer service."
    Anthony Smits
    Site Manager | Devine Constructions

What sets us apart

Our People

First, we only hire the best people. Then we up-skill them to make them even better, so you will always receive knowledgeable and dedicated support and service from the Preston Hire team that makes your work easier.
Our Services

Our Services

To further assist our customers, Preston Hire can install SuperDeck™ loading platforms and liaise with engineering partners to meet special requirements and can provide wet crane hire or operator training if you require these services.
Our Safety

Our Safety

Preston Hire has strict and comprehensive policies and procedures in place to ensure that we consistently deliver the highest safety standards and always provide a safe work environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors.

Our Experience

Having been a specialist in construction equipment hire for over 40 years, Preston Hire offers an exceptional level of expertise and knowledge born of working closely with countless clients, many leading names in construction, on projects large and small.



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