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The Preston Hire SuperDeck® is an innovative, retractable Loading Platform system for the simple handling of materials on construction sites. Ideal for multi-storey construction, Preston Hire SuperDecks can be stacked vertically above each other on one elevation of a building creating a ‘drawer-like’ loading platform system.


The SuperDeck® provides construction sites with safety, time and cost efficiencies. Benefits delivered by the SuperDeck® include:

  • Simplicity of use –  SuperDecks don’t need a power supply, there are no switches or wiring to malfunction or oil leaks to manage. You simply unlock and push it out. It is that simple.
  • Design – the design of the SuperDeck allows us to implement our two-prop methodology. This methodology applies almost half the downward force to a slab edge when compared to a traditional four prop installation method. This can also be achieved via our bolt down option should props not be possible.
  • Strength – Preston Hire SuperDecks are arguably some of the toughest loading platforms on the market. The role they play in the construction process is vital, thus we ensure our customers have peace of mind knowing the SuperDeck is up to the task. It is built to withstand rough treatment and as a result, there is less down time on the construction site.
  • Safety – Crane operators and riggers have greater safety and efficiency by having a fixed, identified location throughout the project where the loading platforms are located. Our Crane Loading platforms are all fitted with fixed safety harness points which allow loads to be vertically stacked and rolled in and out as needed.
  • Time – By using a tower crane/mobile crane and SuperDeck® combination correctly, site productivity will rapidly improve due to reduced crane movements saving time and money. Additionally, each SuperDeck only takes approx. 20 minutes to install saving considerable time over the duration of the project.
  • Efficiencies – SuperDecks minimise the requirement to use hoists for both personnel and materials. The SuperDeck system will handle all materials, leaving hoists for personnel only.


Preston Hire has a selection of SuperDeck loading platforms available for hire. Standard widths of 2.2m, 3.2m and 4.2m are available to suit varying projects. Each SuperDeck extends from the side of the building by lengths ranging from 4.5m up to 5.25m when fully extended. Important operating details include:

  • SuperDeck crane loading decks can be easily operated by one person. A full familiarisation and safety briefing will be discussed upon installation by a qualified Preston Hire staff member.
  • Each SuperDeck, regardless of width, has a safe working load of up to 5 tonnes.
  • SuperDeck loading decks can be installed, relocated or removed in around 20 minutes.
  • Preston Hire provides installation services as well as consultation and liaison for specialised or complex projects.


Safety is our top priority and the engineering, design and operation of the Preston Hire SuperDeck reflects this. Among the key safety features are the fixed safety harness points which are fitted to all loading platforms.

Preston Hire takes great care to maintain its entire fleet of equipment. All SuperDeck systems are subjected to rigorous quality control, both pre-hire and post-hire. Customers can be sure their SuperDeck will be in excellent condition. Preston Hire continues to be ISO-9001 accredited demonstrating our commitment to quality.


At Preston Hire we work closely with our customers to ensure they find the right loading construction platform for their needs. With branches Australia-wide in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Darwin, Preston Hire provides a reliable retractable platform hire service that’s above and beyond the level of any competitor. We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs in every way possible, which is why Preston Hire offers installation for our retractable loading platform hire as well as additional consultation and liaison to meet your specialty project needs.


To discuss your specific needs or learn more about the Preston Hire SuperDeck, contact us for all loading platform hire advice on 1800 440 550.


What is a SuperDeck?

The Preston Hire SuperDeck is a retractable loading platform system used to handle and deliver materials on construction sites. As they are best for multi-storey construction jobs, the loading bay can be stacked above each other to create an efficient system of movement. 

What is the loading capacity?

Each unit comes with a loading capacity of 5000kg/5 tons/11000 pounds. Don’t let its looks deceive you — the relatively small Preston Hire loading bay doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance. Bulky goods and materials are effortlessly carried by these powerhouses. 

What makes a Preston Hire SuperDeck special?

If you are looking to safely move bulky construction materials in a timely and cost-effective manner, you can count on our SuperDecks to give your job several essential boosts in productivity:

  • Easy to use — Save time on learning convoluted systems of goods transportation by using Preston Hire hassle-free Superdecks. There are no switches and no wires. You just have to unlock the loading bay and push it out. 
  • Durable — Our loading bays are built to last. You’ll never suffer a maintenance setback with one of our products, as they are made to withstand the pressures of construction. 
  • Safety — Productivity can only occur in a safe working environment. Each unit is equipped with a safety harness and is intended to be used in fixed locations for efficient and predictable movement.
  • Transportation — The use of our loading bay to transport your cargo up and down several stories frees up hoists so that your personnel can focus on themselves. Don’t use hoists for materials anymore, let Preston Hire SuperDecks do the work for you.

What can a Preston Hire SuperDeck do?

It can make your job easier. Though the main use of one of our SuperDecks is to load and unload materials, equipment, and supplies, you can also use it as a storage space to leave extra room on a particular floor. Our products also assure the safety of anyone standing below them, as they are durable and reliable. When it comes to retractable crane loading platform hire, we can’t be beaten. 

Why should I use Preston Hire?

Preston Hire has worked for more than 50 years to create an Australia-wide multi-branch network that focuses on specialised hire equipment. With decades of experience in loading platform hire, you’ll be able to feel the Preston Hire difference. We’ll tell it to you straight and go above and beyond to give you the right equipment to streamline your construction job. With Preston Hire, you know what you’re gonna get, high-quality, durable, and reliable equipment with no surprises. 

How can I hire a SuperDeck?

Hiring one of our products is as simple as it gets. If you see a product that you wish to hire, simply scroll down to the enquiry form and fill it out — we’ll get back to you ASAP. Alternatively, you can contact us online or call us on 1300 294 678, and our expert staff would be happy to help with any enquiries. 

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