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If you are looking for simple handling of materials when dealing with multi-storey construction, then this revolutionary solution could be for you. Preston Hire’s SuperDeck innovation provides a ‘drawer-like’ loading platform system. The innovation is responsible for an increased level of safety and decreased crane operation time for our customers across Australia and the world.


If you haven’t heard of it already, SuperDeck is the world’s leading loading platform system for hire. Our patented system features superior retractable crane loading platform capabilities, which have made SuperDeck the first choice for almost 20 years by leading companies for their construction projects around the world. It was designed to enable simpler handling of materials, particularly for multi-storey construction sites.


The SuperDeck has a ‘drawer-like’ platform loading system to allow for increased safety and short operation times for cranes. Other great features of this Preston Hire innovation include:

Loading platforms are all fitted with fixed safety harness points, which allow loads to be vertically stacked and rolled in and out as needed.

This has resulted in the increased efficiency of material handling as well as being much safer and cost-effective for construction companies.

Crane loading platform extends from the side of a building from 4.5 to 5.25m and can be operated by a single person for safe working loads of up to 5t.

Faster installation and relocation, now approximately 15 minutes as compared to over an hour.

We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs in every way possible, which is why Preston Hire offers installation for our retractable loading platform hire as well as additional consultation and liaison to meet your specialty project needs.

If you are looking for retractable platform hire in Australia, then Preston Hire has got you covered. We have branches in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide with alliance partners in Darwin. For loading platform hire at unbeatable prices, contact us on 1800 440 550

In Australia and around the world, SuperDeck is a construction industry superhero. This leading crane loading platform system simplifies the handling of materials with its superior retractable loading platform capabilities. Innovative, revolutionary and widely popular on multi-level construction sites, SuperDeck is a ‘drawer-like’ system that provides extremely high levels of safety. This reliable Preston Hire loading platform cuts crane operation times again and again, making it indispensable throughout the construction industry.

Meeting the challenges of multi-storey construction sites

One of the challenges of working on multi-storey construction sites is the handling and delivery of building materials. SuperDeck meets that challenge head on with a system that’s been specifically designed to get materials delivered quickly, simply and efficiently to any designated floor. What’s more, these retractable – or ‘drawer-like’ – loading platforms can be added or subtracted to your site, to suit the size and life-cycle of your multi-level construction.

Loading platform hire

SuperDeck is for hire. Preston Hire offers this high-performing, patented system for rent. Discover why leading companies around Australia and across the globe choose our premium retractable loading platforms for their construction projects. SuperDeck has been a world player in loading decks for decades, so you know it’s a tried and trusted loading platform.

High levels of safety

The consistently high levels of safety of the SuperDeck loading platforms are the result of innovative design and engineering. Among the key safety features are the fixed safety harness points which are fitted to all loading platforms.

Traditional construction loading platforms stagger the stacking of units. SuperDeck, with its superior vertical stacking, improves the safety and efficiency of materials handling. Obstructions to crane ropes and loads are reduced, allowing for safer and more efficient operation of cranes. Shorter crane operation times not only boost safety, but are more cost effective too.

In addition, Preston Hire takes great care to maintain its entire fleet of equipment. All SuperDeck systems are subjected to rigorous quality control, both pre-hire and post-hire. Customers can be sure their SuperDeck will be in excellent condition.

Operating details

  • Preston Hire has a selection of SuperDeck loading platforms available. Standard widths of 2.2m, 3.2m and 4.2m to suit varying projects. These extend from the side of a building by lengths ranging from 4.5m up to 5.25m.
  • SuperDeck crane loading decks can be operated easily by one person.
  • Each SuperDeck regardless of width has a safe working load up to 5 tonnes.
  • SuperDeck loading decks can be installed, relocated or removed in around 20 minutes. Other platform systems take over 1 hour.
  • Preston Hire provides installation services as well as consultation and liaison for specialised or complex projects.

Quality customer service

At Preston Hire we work closely with our customers to ensure they find the right loading construction platform for their needs. With branches Australia-wide in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin, Preston Hire provides a reliable retractable platform hire service that’s above and beyond the level of any competitor.

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